FileZilla Client 3.1.2-rc1 Released

FileZilla 3.1.2-rc1

2008-08-24-FileZilla Client 3.1.2-rc1 released

New features:

  • Add directory listing filter condition to match on containing path name
  • Implement kiosk mode in which FileZilla will not write any passwords to disk. Can be enabled through fzdefaults.xml
  • Add option to disable update checks to fzdefaults.xml
  • Vast performance improvements if handling queues and directories with thousands of files
  • Faster TLS/SSL handshake on data connections

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Queue should no longer get mixed up if LIST command fails during recursive downloads
  • Fix crash if using -s commandline argument
  • Fix spurious transfer failures if multiple engines try to list the same directory
  • Loading invalid filters could crash FileZilla
  • User/pass authentication for SOCKS5 proxy support was not working properly
  • If stopping queue processing while recursively downloading directories, files added by the recursive operation will no longer reenable queue processing
  • MSW: Keep site manager wide enough so that all notebook tabs fit
  • Fix crash if server does not support resuming of large files
  • SFTP uploads did not fail if server ran out of diskspace
  • If compiled for some 64bit systems, SFTP resumes of files larger than 2^32 did not work properly


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