【軟體大小】:1.75 MB
【語言介面】:英文 英文版
【作業系統】:Win 2K/XP/Vista

SideSlide 是桌面延伸工具,它就如同一個功能強大的快捷列,我們除了可以將常用的檔案、程式、資料夾、網址加入 SideSlide 之外,它還有行事曆提醒功能、記事功能、RSS 功能…等。


v3.0.00 BETA3-August,18,2008

  • FIX: Program may crash when deleting containers with pictures.
  • FIX: Program may crash when refreshing or deleting Folder Containers.
  • FIX: Using the mouse wheel when there are no containers crashed the program.
  • FIX: Workspace remained invisible when using the Center Workspace command from the tray menu and the Invisible border option was selected.
  • FIX: Fold/Unfold all command folded containers with the container toolbar hidden.
  • FIX: Resize border when resizing containers could have remained visible under certain scenarios.
  • FIX: Some Settings dialog option buttons appeared in black on Windows XP.


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