µTorrent Released

µTorrent 1.8.1 Beta (build 12323)

2008-09-19: Version 1.8.1 beta (build 12285)
  • Feature: parse 'downloaded' if sent with announce response
  • Change: do not include IPv6 addresses in 'Copy Peer List' if IPv6 is not installed (fixes []:12345)
  • Fix: store .torrents from magnet URIs in correct storage path
  • Fix: halfopen miscount with aborted https connections
2008-09-20: Version 1.8.1 beta (build 12320)
  • Feature: diskio.no_zero, to avoid zeroing a file during allocation, where available (>= XP)
  • Fix: kB/s truncated off upload speed in speed guide
  • Fix: connection distribution system with large number of torrents and a low global limit
2008-09-21: Version 1.8.1 beta (build 12323)
  • Fix: diskio.no_zero also when not pre-allocating
  • Fix: magnet URI .torrent storage path still was not being set


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