TheWorld Browser 2.3 Beta ( Released

TheWorld Browser 2.3 Beta (

Version: TheWorld Browser 2.3 Beta (


  • Improve download function, reduce download break percent.
  • Improve import & export in file menu, now you can choose folder for favorites.
  • Now you can set ESC as a hotkey in hotkey setting dialog.
  • Now you can double click to select a word in edit box, not the whole string.
  • For split tab, you can drag links to split tab to open.

  • New address box auto complete function just like FireFox3 did.
  • Now you can customize your Cookies/IE Cache file folder, it can speed up your browser when use RAM disk.
  • Add browser mode menu in tool menu, you can choose difference browse mode for different theme.
  • Add render mode in browser mode menu, you can choose kernel render mode between IE classic and IE8 standard for ACID.
  • Add new tab width calculation method, you can choose easy mode just like IE7/8 does in advanced option page.
  • Add some drag and drop function support for search box, address box.

Fix about 20 bugs, you can feel these when using.


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